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Samples / Late Orders

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Welcome to Hy-Tech Shotz Photography

Before placing a late order, be sure that your student had their picture taken. Due to the time involved in looking up the picture and me being charged a percentage for the order I will automatically send a team picture deducting the price from the package and refunding you the balance.

      How to Order and Pay for your pictures Online

Please read instructions before calling

Just click on Samples/Late Orders in the GOLD BOX on the left side and click on the package that you would like  
to order : 
(You are buying the package not the sample, you will not see your School Name or Team under the Samples

There is an area that will ask you for the: 1) Student's Name 2) School and 3) Sport.(after you have paid)

**If you would like them to be mailed to you please call me before ordering or else they will be delivered to the School.

Thank You,
John L. Stoltz Jr. 
(360) 281-8161 
I reserve the right to cancel any session due to 1) coaches not handing out order forms in time and/or 2) parents interfering by taking pictures.


Scheduling Dates: 

* I can no longer schedule teams with less than 10 players unless you can schedule with another team. Also for coaches to receive a Team Picture they each must have 8 orders paid for.

I can schedule early mornings as well as Saturdays by appointment, if you are in need of a date or time due to a deadline please call or e-mail me with your available times and dates and I'll try to make room.

If you call and I don't answer the phone or call you back that day, please leave a message and/or try calling back later or email me.
Thank You,

April 2014  
  24th Skyridge MS - Track @ 3pm (thur)
  25th OPEN (fri)                                                                                                              28th Closed (mon)
  29th OPEN (tue)                                                                                                             30th Camas HS - Baseball Seniors @ 3:35pm (wed)
May 2014
OPEN (thur)                                                                                                              2nd OPEN (fri)
    5th Closed (mon)                                                                                                             6th OPEN (tue)
    7th OPEN (wed)                                                                                                               8th OPEN (thur)
    9th OPEN (fri)                                                                                                                12th Closed (mon)
  13th OPEN (tue)                                                                                                               14th OPEN (wed)
  15th OPEN (thur)                                                                                                             16th Frontier MS - Track @ 3:15pm (fri)
  19th Closed (mon)                                                                                                            20th OPEN (tue)
  21st OPEN (wed)                                                                                                              22nd OPEN (thur)
  23rd OPEN (fri)
                                                                                                                26th Closed (mon)
  27th OPEN (tue)                                                                                                                28th OPEN (wed)
  29th OPEN (thur)                                                                                                              30th OPEN (fri)

June 2014
   2nd Closed (mon)                                                                                                              3rd OPEN (tue)
    4th OPEN (wed)                                                                                                                5th OPEN (thur)
    6th OPEN (fri)                                                                                                                  9th Closed (mon)
  10th OPEN (tue)                                                                                                                11th OPEN (wed)
  12th OPEN (thur)                                                                                                             13th OPEN (fri)

August 2014
23rd                Football @ TBA (sat)                                                                                     30th                  Football @ TBA (sat)



1-5x7 Individual
1-5x7 Individual
Price: $11.00
Package E
Package E
Price: $54.00
Package C
Package C
Price: $32.00
Package B
Package B
Price: $17.00
Package D
Package D
Price: $32.00
1-8x10 Team
1-8x10 Team
Price: $16.00
1-5x7 Team
1-5x7 Team
Price: $11.00
Package A
Package A
Price: $16.00

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